Fishermen file lawsuit against Greenpeace

People fishing on the Wadden Sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Weefemwe). (Fishing boat on the North Sea (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Weefemwe))

A number of fishermen are preparing to file a lawsuit against Greenpeace. The action group dumped a number of large boulders into the Noordzee on Tuesday, in protest against "the lack of action from the Dutch government to protect the Noordzee nature". This puts fishermen's safety at risk as a net caught on one of these boulders could capsize a ship.

According to the Telegraaf, State Secretary Sharon Dijksma of Economic Affairs has no good words for this action. "Apart from the danger to fishermen, this action is completely counterproductive. I announced earlier that the Klaverbank will be designated as a protected nature reserve. I therefore ask myself whose sympathy Greenpeace still expects with dumping stones on a vulnerable nature reserve."

Parliamentairan Joram van Klaveren from Almere wants a debate on this latest action, Omroep Flevoland reports. Anja Keuter from fishing business Keuter BV from Urk announced that she will press charges against the environmental organization. She feels that Greanpeace deliberately endangered the lives of fishermen on the Noordzee with this action.