energy consumption

Apr 28 '17 12:20

Energy consumption in the Netherlands increased by 2 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, according to figures Statistics Netherlands released on Friday. The use of natural gas saw the biggest increase, mostly due the colder winter than in 2015, according to the stats office.

Jun 19 '13 04:42

The Power Matching City program in the Netherlands unveils an innovative method of measuring energy consumption by consumers using a smart grid gadget, according to cleanenergyauthority.

May 21 '13 07:56

Next year a nationwide information campaign will put into motion the largest energy savings operation ever. Writes Dagblad Trouw on Tuesday.

The environmental movement, the government and the energy sector want to let the campaign 'jump start' a national support for the transition to a sustainable energy supply. This is evident, according to Trouw, from a confidential draft report, part of the National Energy Agreement.

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