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An 84-year-old man handcuffed by Amsterdam police after a traffic violation, 22 Nov 2016
Nov 23 '16 07:31

The Amesterdam police apologized for the way in which an elderly Moroccan man was arrested after he committed a traffic violation. The 84-year-ld man was handcuffed and stooping was led to a police van. According to the police, he was arrested because he could not identify himself and gave "a confused impression".

Apr 21 '15 11:00

An 86 year old Rotterdam man was robbed on Saturday morning by two women posing as home care staff. One woman searched the man's house while the other was giving him a sponge bath. They fled with about 1,500 euros.

Oct 3 '14 15:48

A 70 year old man was severely assaulted by a scooter driver in the pedestrian tunnel at Stationsplein, Bergen op Zoom.

Apr 21 '14 09:34

A 71-year old man was robbed by three men in Leidschendam.

Mar 27 '14 12:51

The elderly man who died at the voting booth during the municipal council elections on 19 March was 83-year old Oranje superfan, Cees van Groesen.

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Mar 26 '14 15:34

An elderly man was assaulted and abused in Eindhoven while he was visiting the grave site of his late wife. The assaulter smashed the man's head against the cement tiles, and took off with €120.

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Mar 19 '14 16:11

An elderly man died in a voting booth while filling out two voting forms, Wednesday afternoon in Oosterhout.

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Oct 29 '13 00:03

A 90-year-old man was stuck in a ditch in Zeeland for 4 days. He is in good health, but just to be sure, he was taken to a hospital in Terneuzen for a checkup, according to the police.

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