Fake home care workers rob elderly man during sponge bath

Home care (Picture: Twitter/@AZAZorg). (Home care (Picture: Twitter/@AZAZorg))

An 86 year old Rotterdam man was robbed on Saturday morning by two women posing as home care staff. One woman searched the man's house while the other was giving him a sponge bath. They fled with about 1,500 euros.

The two women showed up at the man's house on Patijnstraat at around 09:50 on Saturday morning. The home care workers usually visit the man at 10:15 a.m., but the man just thought that they were a little early and opened for them.

The man took a seat in his shower and one of the women came in to help him wash. The other woman stayed outside the bathroom. When the man exited the bathroom after getting dressed, the women already left. This made the man suspicious. When the real home care workers arrived 10 minutes later, the man realized that he had been scammed and called the police.

The police launched an investigation to identify these women. They had dark skin and were wearing long black dresses and headscarves. They are about 1.6 meters tall. The police would like to talk to anyone who may have spotted these women in the area of Patijnstraat on Saturday morning.