Ed Groot

Apr 11 '16 09:21

A majority in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, wants to hold a parliamentary inquiry to gain more information on what is going on in the Panama Papers. The parliamentarians want to know more about tax structures that run through the Netherlands.

Oct 23 '15 11:58

The Tax Authorities have no idea how many sweetheart tax deals have been made with Dutch companies or how much money is involved in such deals. So-called tax rulings and other agreements are made by inspectors and are only noted in individual files, an overview does not exist. Agreements with companies also fall under "fiscal confidentiality".

Oct 21 '15 14:42

The PvdA is "shocked" by the European Commissions ruling that the Netherlands' deal with multinational Starbucks amounts to illegal State aid. As far as the party is concerned, State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance has "a lot of explaining to do".

Feb 12 '15 09:47

PvdA Member of Parliament Ed Groot thinks that the information that Dutch companies give abroad on constructions to pay as little tax as possible should be put to a stop. He made this suggestion today at the written input for the debate on the "fiscal roadshows".

Oct 23 '14 10:11

According to Financieele Dagblad, employees of banks and insurance companies will lose the discount on their mortgage in the future.

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