Dmitri Borodin

Apr 23 '14 14:59

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MinBuZa) will publish yearly reports of misbehavior among personnel of embassies and other international organizations.

Jan 16 '14 04:33

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a 153-page-report on human rights in the European Union on its website, Wednesday, of which 9 pages (in the English version) are dedicated to the Netherlands.

Dec 5 '13 20:03

Dmitri Borodin, the Russian diplomat who was arrested a couple of months ago in The Hague, for the abuse of his children, left a farewell letter, pinned on a board of the hall of his flat.

Dec 2 '13 04:30

The controversial Russian diplomat, Dmitry Borodin, has left the Netherlands. In a tweet Sunday night, he said his departure "is not entirely of his own accord."

Oct 18 '13 01:30

A house, managed by the Russian Embassy in The Hague, was burglarized Thursday night.

Oct 12 '13 00:17

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features: the negotiations on the Dutch budget, the Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin causes tension between Russia and The Netherlands under influence of alcohol, and the ongoing struggles of Greenpeace to free the Arctic Sunrise crew, sailing under Dutch flag.

Oct 10 '13 06:38

Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs has made an apology of the Dutch government to Russia for the arrest of Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin. Borodin says that he is satisfied with the apology. 

Borodin told the press that the Netherlands did, by making excuses, the right thing. “This was a violation of the Treaty of Vienna, so the Netherlands did the right thing with respect to international relationships.” He added, “I hope that the Dutch press will stop with disgracing my family.”

Oct 10 '13 00:05

The Russian authorities have problems with some Dutch products that Russia imports. The dairy is not well controlled, and flowers contain harmful substances, according to the Russians.

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