Burglary Russian property The Hague

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A house, managed by the Russian Embassy in The Hague, was burglarized Thursday night.The property is located near the Russian embassy, but is not a diplomatic establishment, according to the police. It is reportedly used to house embassy staff.

According to eyewitnesses the police were present with about five vans, and the research took about two hours. The forensic department collected evidence, but the police would not say anything about the case.

Valery Klepkin
Wikimedia commons

It is difficult to say whether there is a connection with the incidents of recent times in the relationship between the Netherlands and Russia, according to NOS reporter Marcel Bril.

Last week there was commotions when the Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin was arrested in his home in The Hague.

Borodin is second in command at the Russian Embassy. His arrest led to furious responses in Moscow. A few days later Minister of Foreign Affairs Timmermans offered apologizes on behalf of the Dutch government because the arrest was in violation of the Vienna Convention.

Tuesday a Dutch diplomat was abused in his Moscow home. Moscow promised to investigate the incident after protests from the Dutch government.

The crew of a Greenpeace ship, sailing under Dutch flag, is detained in Russia for protesting against oil drilling by the Russians in the Barents Sea. The thirty crew member, among whom two Dutch, are accused of piracy.

Earlier Thursday Minister Timmermans announced in parliament that the visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Màxima to Russia will proceed as planned.