Netherlands Apologizes To Russia

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Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs has made an apology of the Dutch government to Russia for the arrest of Russian diplomat Dmitri Borodin. Borodin says that he is satisfied with the apology. 

Borodin told the press that the Netherlands did, by making excuses, the right thing. “This was a violation of the Treaty of Vienna, so the Netherlands did the right thing with respect to international relationships.” He added, “I hope that the Dutch press will stop with disgracing my family.”

Borodin also stated that 2013 has been called the Netherlands-Russia year, in which the two countries will emphasize the good and long relationships. “ I truly hope that this year, which we have called the year of our friendship, will in the end can be seen like that.”

Russian Parliament

Interfax let know that the Russian government has received the apologies. The message did not make clear if the apology was accepted by the Russian government. He Russian press bureau says further in their message that the Netherlands have promised to hand over the results of the investigation to Russia.

The chairman of the committee of Foreign Affairs in the Russian parliament, Aleksej Poesjkov, says that the apology of the Dutch government is not sufficient. Poesjkov is well known for his negative comments on the US and Europe.


Minister Frans Timmermans  says that he based his vision on the case on the information from the police. “An apology is necessary in this situation because we have violated the Treaty of  Vienna, in which it is stated that diplomats have political immunity.”

Timmermans adds to his apology, however, that personally he can understand why the policemen acted in this way. He refers about the fact that the children were mistreated by Borodin in front of their eyes.


In general are the MPs in agreement with Timmermans. According to them, the minister had no other choice. CDA MP Pieter Omtzigt wants, together with D66, soon a discussion with the minister about the relationship with Russia.