Parliamentary election in the Netherlands, 15 Mar 2017
Mar 16 '17 09:23

Despite being offline for large parts of Tuesday and Wednesday due to cyber attacks, online voting aids Stemwijzer and Kieskompas helped a record number of visitors make an informed decision during this election period. A total of 8 million people completed online questionnaires on the sites to find out which party best suits their needs and beliefs, the Telegraaf reports.

Mar 14 '17 14:00

Turkish hacker groups targeted a large number of Dutch websites after the political fallout between the Netherlands and Turkey over the weekend. The NL Times website was also targeted.

NL Times was the victim of at least two DDoS attacks on Sunday and Monday, in an attempt to take the site offline, according to a Turkish-language Facebook group linked to cyber-attackers. In a DDoS attack, a large amount of traffic is sent to specific servers, causing them to crash.

Nov 2 '16 10:49

The Public Prosecutor demanded a conditional prison sentence of one year against Sven Olaf K., a hacker suspected of carrying out a large-scale DDoS attack against Spamhaus in 2013, NU.nl reports.

In a DDoS attack a server is overwhelmed with random traffic until it crashed. The attack against Spamhaus was the biggest DDoS attack to that date. The attack did not only inconvenience Spamhaus, but also affected millions of intenrent users who had connection problems, because important infrastructure was targeted.

Mar 31 '16 14:45

The police arrested a 17-year-old boy from Alkmaar on Wednesday for threatening the Tax Office with a DDoS attack on their website. On Tuesday and Wednesday the boy threatened to make the tax site unreachable, so that many people will not be able to submit their tax returns on time.

Nov 30 '15 12:50

The Netherlands public broadcaster NPO was hit by the largest DDoS attack ever, leaving the NOS site and app unreachable for some time on Sunday night. Other national and regional broadcasters' sites were still online, but difficult to reach.

Aug 20 '15 13:08

Internet service provider Ziggo expects that more DDoS attacks will be made on the company's server. Several videos, including one showing the infamous Anonymous mask, have been posted on the internet that threaten Ziggo with more attacks.

Aug 20 '15 08:14

Internet service provider Ziggo was struck by another DDoS attack on Wednesday night, once again leaving many customers without access to the internet. The nationwide disruption has since been resolved. Ziggo's television services were not affected.

Aug 19 '15 10:15

Thousands of Ziggo subscribers had little or no internet on Tuesday night due to a so-called DDoS attack on the internet service provider. The nationwide disruption has been resolved, Ziggo announced on Wednesday morning.

May 27 '15 14:24

The number of DDoS attacks grew by 35 percent over the first quarter of 2015, according to the Akamai State of the Internet Report. Over the course of the last year, the number of attacks has doubled.

Feb 11 '15 11:10

The network outage that took down Rijksoverheid.nl and many other government and private websites on Tuesday was caused by a Direct Denial of Service attack, the government revealed on Wednesday. As the takedown was happening on Tuesday, a representative of the National Cyber Security Center told the Telegraf that they had no evidence of a cyber attack.

Nov 4 '14 09:00

The regional websites of Wegener newspapers were the victims of a large DDoS attack on Monday.

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Apr 25 '13 08:11

On Wednesday evening DigiD was once more the victim of a cyber attack. This was announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the Ministry there is no sign of theft. Personal data have not been stolen and remain safe. 

It is the second attack on DigiD in two days. Earlier on Tuesday evening there was a so-called DDos attack, an attack in which large quantities of data are sent to the server making the server unreachable.

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Apr 8 '13 16:10

Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reported a cyber attack on Monday morning. Its website was offline for two hours on Sunday night and for half an hour on Monday morning at 9.00am. Publisher Herman Mantel said that the investigation of the newspaper showed that a DDos-attack was the cause.

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