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Lady Justice
May 4 '20 19:13

An appellate court in Den Bosch affirmed the conviction of former policeman Mark M., and re-sentenced him to five years behind bars on Monday for his role in money laundering and leaking out confidential information about police investigations between 2011 and 2015. The man was found to have regularly scoured through police systems to find information about individuals involved in ongoing investigations, which he would then leak out to those involved.

Police guard in a detention center
Feb 6 '18 16:10

A 64-year-old man arrested on Tuesday for involvement leaking information about the confidential process of appointing a new mayor in Den Bosch, is former alderman Jos van Son, Willem-Peter Kriek of Rosmalen Belang, Van Son's party, confirmed to Brabants Dagblad.

"This is sad", Kriek told the newspaper. "We were informed about it this morning. A drama for Van Son, but certainly also for Den Bosch politics. An unexpected turn in our political landscape."

Feb 6 '18 11:30

A 64-year-old man from Rosmalen was arrested on Tuesday in an investigation into an information leak from the Den Bosch city council's trust committee that handles the appointment of a new mayor, reports.

This suspect does not form part of the trust committee, but did have access to information from the committee. How that is possible, is under investigation. He is suspected of leaking confidential information to newspaper Brabants Dagblad. 

Aug 3 '17 15:30

A 37-year-old police officer from the Zeeland-West-Brabant corps was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of leaking confidential information to a third party, the Public Prosecutor announced on Thursday. He is also suspected of possession and dealing of narcotics.

A 43-year-old man from Zierikzee was also arrested in the same investigation. He is suspected of trading in hard drugs. Three addresses were searched, though the prosecutor did not say if anything of consequence was found.

Jun 22 '17 08:27

The Public Prosecutor demanded 200 hours of community service against two Amsterdam lawyers suspected of bribing a police volunteer, NOS reports.

According to the Prosecutor, the lawyers paid the woman to give them confidential police information between 2010 and 2012. In doing so they damaged their occupational group and undermined the trust civilians have in lawyers, the Prosecutor said.

May 25 '17 14:30

A bank employee was dismissed with immediate effect after he was caught spying on family members' bank accounts. A Disciplinary Committee found him guilty of breaking the Banker's Oath and banned him from workng in the banking sector for six months, reports based on the ruling.

The employee spied on the banking information of his in-laws, acquaintances, his partner and other family members. 

Lady Justice (Photo: Roland Zumbuehl/Wikimedia Commons)
May 10 '17 14:35

The trial against former police officer Mark M., suspected of selling police information to criminals, was delayed until at least December so that other witnesses can be questioned. In court on Tuesday M. said that he searched the police database as a "hobby", though refused to explain how the data he searched for ended up in criminal hands. He also claims that the police lured him into a trap when he was arrested, the Volkskrant reports

Holding hands
Apr 25 '17 10:40

The Netherlands' military intelligence agency MIVD is launching investigations into Defense personnel's foreign romantic partners to determine whether they pose a security risk, The Telegraaf reports.

The investigations will be conducted on partners in countries with which the the Netherlands has no official intelligence relationship. In practice this includes a large part of the world. 

Feb 22 '17 13:20

A police officer was arrested on Monday on suspicion of leaking investigation information to a Moroccan-Dutch criminal organization, NRC reports. According to the newspaper, the officer in question is of Moroccan descent and works at the so-called Safety and Security Department, tasked with providing security to the royal family and threatened politicians like Geert Wilders, among others.

Jun 29 '16 16:10

A 46-year-old police officer from Eindhoven was officially dismissed for leaking confidential police information

Police sign
Jun 9 '16 13:45

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential criminal investigation information to criminals, was officially dismissed on Monday. According to the police, the preliminary results of the criminal investigation against M. give sufficient grounds for him to be dismissed.

Jun 2 '16 11:20

Detectives have four new suspects in the case surrounding police officer Mark M., suspected of selling confidential criminal investigation details to criminals. The Public Prosecutor believes that the four new suspects were more of M.'s buyers, a spokesperson for the service said to newspaper De Limburger.

Dutch police cap
Jun 1 '16 15:25

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential information to criminals, was released. He will be allowed to await his trial - scheduled for May next year - in freedom, with a few restrictions, the court in Den Bosch decided during a pretrial hearing on Wednesday

Mar 2 '16 08:55

At least seven, but possibly as many as 14, Dutch hospitals let prisoners in Belgium work on their patient files. Up until the end of 2014 these prisoners' job was to remove staples, paperclips and photos so that the information could be scanned, the program Meldpunt van Omroep Max reported on Tuesday.

new police uniform 1
Jan 26 '16 09:47

Mark M., the former police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, possibly corrupted "about ten" investigations, Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice wrote in a letter to the lower house of Dutch parliament

Jan 12 '16 13:05

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, did so by selling them "subscriptions". He had 48 subscribers who each paid him 5 thousand euros a month for information, according to the police file discussed during a pro-forma hearing in this case on Tuesday

new police uniform 1
Dec 17 '15 11:38

At least 15 police officers were caught leaking information to criminals between 2012 and 2014. Ten of them were dismissed. The other five were given a conditional discharge due to extenuating circumstances

Dec 3 '15 07:59

Mark M., the former cop suspected of leaking confidential police information to criminals, obtained information from "dozens of criminal investigations", chief prosecutor Nicole Zandee said

Aug 3 '15 08:58

Delta Lloyd's chief financial officer Emiel Roozen has resigned due to conflict between the insurer and De Nederlandsche Bank over confidential information.

Dec 18 '14 10:19

The court in the Hague sentenced the 28 year old Jordy de J. from Nieuwerkerk to 12 months in prison, 8 of which are probationary. He was found guilty of hacking into the Groene Hart Hospital's (Gouda) computer in September 2012 and of possessing child pornography.

Ordina Headquarters
Oct 2 '14 10:14

Details from internal company information obtained by television program Zembla reveals that the ICT services company practiced fraud with various government tenders between 2005 and 2010.

Apr 25 '14 09:02

Ex-VVD alderman Jos van Rey, who is being suspected of corruption and conflict of interest, is going to be sitting in an integrity commission in Roermond.

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Feb 15 '14 04:33

Arnoud van Doorn, Hague council member, party leader for the Islāmic Partij van de Eenheid (PvdE), and former PVV member, was sentenced to a 1,000 euro fine for selling weed to minors, leaking confidential information, and possession of a weapon. He also heard a conditional community service sentence of 40 hours against him.

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Dec 5 '13 18:16

The Public Prosecution (OM) demanded 120 hours of community service or 60 days imprisonment against former Meerssen mayor, Ricardo Offermanns. Offermanns (VVD) participated in violating professional secrecy by receiving confidential information from former Roermond alderman Jos van Rey (also VVD), according to the OM

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