Corrupt cop got €5,000 per month for inside information

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Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential police information to criminals, did so by selling them "subscriptions". He had 48 subscribers who each paid him 5 thousand euros a month for information, according to the police file discussed during a pro-forma hearing in this case on Tuesday, AD reports.

M.'s lawyer, Jan-Hein Kuijpers, is confused by the police's conclusions here. According to him, there is absolutely no evidence that M. asked for money. The only evidence is money tied in a rubber band found in M.'s home and a similar rubber band found with fellow suspect Mark S., according to the lawyer.

Mark S. was also in court on Tuesday. The police believe he acted as a "broker" or middleman in the transfer of information from M. to the criminal underworld. The court remanded both suspects back into custody, despite their lawyer's objections.

The Public Prosecutor also read the charges against the men in the hearing. Mark m. is suspected of letting himself be bribed, violating official confidentiality and laundering money. Mark S. is suspected of bribing M. to sell police information and laundering 235 thousand euros.

Lawyer Kuijpers expressed his anger with the Public Prosecutor during the hearing. According to the lawyer, the Prosecutor revealed too much negative information about his client to the media and therefore already condemned M. in the media. "A serious character murder was committed", the lawyer said, adding that a fair trial is therefore impossible. Mark S.' lawyer Marcel Heuvelmans stated that the same goes for his client.