Banker accused of spying on family fired in Banker's Oath breach

A bank employee was dismissed with immediate effect after he was caught spying on family members' bank accounts. A Disciplinary Committee found him guilty of breaking the Banker's Oath and banned him from workng in the banking sector for six months, reports based on the ruling.

The employee spied on the banking information of his in-laws, acquaintances, his partner and other family members. 

In a personal conflict with his in-laws, the man also sent an anonymous card to them with the text: "Success with the rental of apartment at 020." The data he spied on showed that his in-laws had bought an recreational bungalow, and where it was, and the card referred to that. He also shared the information with his partner. 

"By sending an anonymous card to the attention of his in-laws to this address, the defendant used confidential information in a private conflict", the committee's ruling states. "Therefore the defendant did not prevent his own interests from becoming tangled with the intersts of others."

"For a long period the defendant did not behave with integrity by not respecting the rules of the bank and not keeping confidential information secret", the committee ruled. "Through his actions the defendant violated the privacy of the bank's customers."

The defendant asked the committee not to impose any additional measures. He feels that he has already been sufficiently punished financially, emotionally and relationally.