Corrupt cop released from custody; Trial scheduled for May 2017

Dutch police cap
Dutch police cap

Mark M., the police officer suspected of selling confidential information to criminals, was released. He will be allowed to await his trial - scheduled for May next year - in freedom, with a few restrictions, the court in Den Bosch decided during a pretrial hearing on Wednesday, ANP reports.

M. spent eight months in custody. He was arrested in October last year. According to the Prosecutor, he sold confidential criminal investigation information to criminals. M. sold thousands of documents involving at least 10 cases. 

The court decided that eight months is long enough in custody and that M. should be released. But given the seriousness of the charges against him, and the chance that he'll re-offend or try to interfere in the investigation, the court set conditions for his release. For example, M. has to stay in the Netherlands and his passport will be confiscated.

M.'s case will go on trial in May. A whole week is booked up for this trial. The investigation against him is expected to be done in October. After that, in December, there will be another pretrial hearing in which the defense can motivate any additional investigation needs.


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