Commando Corps

Oct 8 '18 09:48

Soldiers from the Dutch Commandos are demanding a medical investigation into the effects too high concentrations of toxic gasses at shooting range Markiezaat in Bergen op Zoom had on their health. They're also holding Defense responsible for any permanent health damage they suffered by using the shooting range, AD reports.

May 10 '17 15:45

The Public Prosecutor will not prosecute three commando soldiers involved in theThe soldiers were wrongly suspected of death by negligence and the cases against them were dropped, the Prosecutor announced on Wednesday, ANP reports.

Mar 23 '16 07:28

A 35-year-old sergeant was killed in a shooting incident during a Commando Corps drill at a training location in Ossendrecht on Tuesday morning, the Koninklijke Marechaussee announced.

Mar 15 '16 11:38

King Willem-Alexander awarded the Military Order of Willem to the the elite unit of the Dutch army, the Commando Corps, on Tuesday for their extraordinary efforts in Afghanistan. According to the King, the Corps can be measured with the best special forces in the world. "You went through the fire for peace and safety", he said in his speech

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