Animal Ambulance Amsterdam

Two king pythons found on an Amsterdam street, 3 March 2018
Mar 6 '18 17:50

Two king pythons were found dumped on the street in a residential neighborhood in Amsterdam on Saturday, according to Animal Ambulance Amsterdam. 

The animal ambulance responded ot the residential neighborhood after receiving a report of "two large snakes" on the street. Rescuers were deployed, expecting to find grass snakes that naturally occur in Amsterdam. "On arrival we did not find grass snakes, but two king pythons." Animal Ambulance Amsterdam said on Facebook. 

Jun 21 '16 09:40

A Finnish tourist was met with an unexpected guest in his hotel room in Amsterdam on Sunday - a massive tarantula sitting on the wall of his bathroom, the Animal Ambulance in Amsterdam announced on Facebook.

May 27 '16 16:00

Three abandoned kittens were picked up in Pieter Baststraat in Amsterdam on Thursday morning. The kittens were completely covered in glue or some other kind of adhesive, according to the Animal Ambulance Amsterdam.

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