Tarantula startles Finnish tourist in Amsterdam hotel

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A Finnish tourist was met with an unexpected guest in his hotel room in Amsterdam on Sunday - a massive tarantula sitting on the wall of his bathroom, the Animal Ambulance in Amsterdam announced on Facebook. 

According to the Animal Ambulance, the tourist called the front desk to report the unwanted visitor. Hotel employees managed to trap the spider in a plastic container with a lid and called in the Animal Ambulance. Employee Sandra responded.

"When I gently lifted the lid, the spider immediately charged me", she writes on Facebook. "It definitely was a tarantula so I called the reptile shelter and asked if I could come by. As the spider was so fast, I decided not to transfer him and taped the lid of the box closed. It turned out to be a South American kind, a pubescent male."

The reptile shelter believes one of the hotel guests must have bought the spider at a trade show and it escaped or was released.