Apr 25 '16 10:32

A power outage that left 22,500 Dutch homes without electricity on Sunday afternoon, may have been caused by a pigeon, a spokesperson for grid operator Enexis said

asylum seekers
Jan 25 '16 13:42

A threatening letter was delivered to Dutch broadcaster Omroep Brabant on Monday in which the anonymous letter writer threatens to burn down the Aalburg town hall if more asylum seekers are accepted into the town of Veen or the Aalburg municipality, the broadcaster reports.

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Dec 11 '15 09:31

A "lust object" ad for the German online store Zalando was removed from bus shelters in Aalburg, Noord-Brabant after demands from Christian party SGP. The ad shows a woman dressed in Calvin Klein lingerie with the hashtag "share your sexy"

Police sign
Sep 21 '15 13:45

The police are investigating a threatening letter that was sent anonymously to the municipality of Aalbug and broadcaster Omroep Brabant. The anonymous writer threatens to burn down the Aalburg town hall if the municipality takes in any more asylum seekers.

Dec 30 '14 11:27

Mayor Fons Naterop of the Aalburg municipality has received another threatening letter. The letter was delivered on Monday to the municipality and Omroep Brabant and states that the mayor is "next".

no image
Mar 27 '14 07:16

Wassenaar will be the eleventh municipality to have to recount votes from March 19th, the council decided on Wednesday.

no image
Mar 21 '14 19:45

All around the Netherlands calls go out for a recount of the votes. In several cities victories are gained, or losses are suffered by a difference of just one vote.

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