Down to one vote: recounts called around the NL

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All around the Netherlands calls go out for a recount of the votes. In several cities victories are gained, or losses are suffered by a difference of just one vote. In Waddinxveen D66 joined forces with 'Weerbaar Waddinxveen' but lost to PCW by just one vote.

In Boxtel a recount of the votes gained 'Combinatie95' an extra seat on the council. In Houten votes from 4 of the 22 polling stations are recounted because of discrepancies. The same is the case in Aalburg and Wijchen. The CDA requested a recount of the votes in Zaltbommel, because the party fell short a few votes for a third seat on the council. If the recount comes back the same it would mean the party lost a seat after the elections. The same is the case in Noordwijk where the CDA also requested a recount of the votes after it lost a seat to 'Puur Noordwijk' and in Vught, where the CDA battles D66 over a seat. The central polling station will announce the final election results on Monday. In Rotterdam 1,873 votes were invalid and 1,116 votes were blank. The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, suspects illiteracy may be to blame, and people were insufficiently aware of the need to ask a new form when they accidentally mark the wrong name.