Anne Faber murder suspect assaulted psych institution employees

Michael P., the man suspected of raping and killing r, will also be prosecuted for assaulting three employees of the Pieter Baan Center. The assaults happened in February, reports.

P. was admitted to the Pieter Baan Center for a mental health assessment. One morning in February, he assaulted one employee. That evening he attacked two others.

During a previous pro-forma hearing in the court of Utrecht, there was mention of a 'violent incident' in the Pieter Baan Center, but no further information was given. On Wednesday the Public Prosecutor announced that three counts of assault will be added to the charges P. is facing.

P. is accused of in September 2017. to these crimes. According to P., while she was cycling. Anne Faber's in a wooded area in Zeewolde on October 12th, almost two weeks after she disappeared. P. told the police where to find her. 

The trial against P. will happen on Monday and Tuesday next week. According to his lawyers, P. will attend the trial.