Toddler called a 'whore' in Hema birthday cake blunder

Misspelled birthday cake from Hema
Misspelled birthday cake from Hema. (Photo: Peter van Beveren / Facebook)

A HEMA employee who got a bit over-enthusiastic with the whipped cream when decorating a birthday cake, resulted in a 3-year-old boy's birthday cake calling him a "whore".

Sylvia Bekkema ordered a large whipped cream cake for her son Joah's birthday, according to RTL Nieuws. Her instructions were simple: put a picture of the toddler on the cake, with the text "Hoera, 3 jaar!", or "Hooray, 3 years!" in English. But due to the enthusiastic whipped cream decorations, the last letter on "Hoera" couldn't be seen at all, turning the message on the cake into "Whore, 3 years!", when translated to English.

Bekkema posted a photo of the cake on HEMA's Facebook page with the message: "Thanks Hema, this whore turned three!" The post was shared over 1,200 times in two days. Hema regrets the mistake, according to RTL. Sylvia can laugh about it. 

At least three year old Joah can't read yet.