Wanted: Almelo Shooting Witnesses

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The police are looking for witnesses of the armed robbery at an ice cream parlor in Almelo and the subsequent shooting incident at the railway station where  the police shot the robber and arrested him.

Last Sunday evening the 36-year-old suspect from Enschede, armed with a knife, threatened the staff of the ice cream parlor and escaped with an unkown amount. The police searched for the criminal in the area around the crime spot and found the robber at the station. There a shooting took place and the suspect was shot and sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Right after the shooting, the police conducted a trace investigation at the station, searching for the knife which the robber had thrown away.

The State Investigation Department is investigating the shooting while the Almelo police force is investigating the robbery. Both are in search of witnesses.

The local police are especially looking for a bicyclist who passed the ice cream parlor during the robbery. Also, there was someone who had parked close by at the time that the robber was inside the parlor.

During the shooting the railway station was very busy, with people waiting at the platforms on both sides of the rail. The police hope that people who had seen the accident would give an eye witness statement.

Witnesses can report by calling 0900-8844 or via Report Crime Anonymously: 0800-7000.