Employers increasingly lax with coronavirus measures: Trade union

A fifth of workers in the Netherlands say that their employer is increasingly lax when it comes to adhering to the rules in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, according to a survey Maurice de Hond did among 2,500 workers on behalf of union CNV.

Lax employers are most common in the industry, where 29 percent of workers said that their employers aren't adhering to the rules as well as they used to, followed by the IT sector with 24 percent and healthcare with 24 percent.

Nearly 20 percent of workers in the Netherlands said that they don't feel safe against the coronavirus while at work. This is most often the case in healthcare, where 35 percent of workers feel unsafe, followed by 29 percent of people who work for the national government, and 21 percent of people who work in education.

An analysis of RIVM and GGD figures by the Volkskrant recently showed that Netherlands residents are most likely to get the coronavirus at home, from an extended family member, or from a colleague at work.