Body found in Haarlem apartment fire; Suspect with “bladed weapon” held


Emergency services found the remains of a deceased person after battling a fire in a home on Romolenstraat in Haarlem on Tuesday evening. The investigation determined that the male victim was killed in a crime, the police said on Twitter. Two suspects, aged 53 and 55, both from Haarlem, were taken into custody.

Police reported that one of the two was found at about the same time of the fire in possession of a weapon. Area residents told broadcaster NH Nieuws they saw a disturbed individual in the neighborhood just before the fire broke out at about 6:05 p.m.

"At the scene, the police officers were approached by bystanders who said that they saw a man walking with a bladed weapon. The man was arrested a little further up on Vooruitgangstraat. The fire brigade, which had arrived in the meantime, found the victim while extinguishing the fire in the house," police said.

A trauma team was dispatched to the scene by helicopter at 6:21 p.m. The initial alarm was elevated to a mid-sized fire at 6:27 p.m. bringing more firefighters out to the area. Nearly an hour after the blaze was reported, the fire department said that it had the fire under control.

"[The victim] appeared to have been killed in a crime," police said. A forensic investigation started once the fire was struck out. So far, nothing has been officially revealed about the identity of the victim or how that person died.

"Both suspects are in custody and the investigation is ongoing," police said. "Their role in the incident is under investigation."