Still 180 Covid-19 patients in ICU, but other wards down 11 percent

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The number of Covid-19 patients in intensive care again remained stable on Friday with 180 people being treated in the critical care department. There was a decrease of two patients compared to the previous day, according to patient coordination office LCPS.

Last week, acute care network chair Ernst Kuipers had predicted that the ICU patient total would fall to 150 before Friday, something which he repeated earlier this week. He noted on Friday the slowdown in ICU discharges, but he was also optimistic about Covid-19 recoveries in other hospital departments.

"However, the number of COVID withdrawals outside the IC is falling quite quickly," he said. The LCPS noted a national 11 percent reduction in Covid-19 patients outside of the ICU. The decrease of 77 brought their Covid-19 patients down to 618. According to NICE, a nonprofit organization tracking ICU statistics, 403 of those patients were treated in intensive care at one point in their battle with the coronavirus disease.

A total of 2,883 patients from the Netherlands have required treatment in ICU for Covid-19 since early March. Of that total, 1,430 recovered and were discharged, and 825 died from the disease.