Coronavirus statistics show significant rises in Noord-Brabant, Groningen

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There were 446 known cases of residents testing positive with coronavirus in the province of Noord-Brabant, figures released by health agency RIVM showed on Sunday. The increase of 43 patients meant the province was far outpacing any of the other 11 in terms of new cases discovered. It was home to over 41 percent of all patients in the Netherlands, based on the known residences of 1,077 patients, the RIVM said.

While, there was a relatively smaller increase of five patients in Groningen, it still more than doubled that province's totals. The city of Groningen was home to six of the nine patients in the province. Residents there were concerned about the impact of student association Vindicat bringing hundreds of university students to Northern Italy for a vacation as the Covid-19 crisis rapidly deteriorated there. The students returned about a week ago.

In Limburg, the number of patients has nearly doubled in two days, rising to 129. Zuid-Holland's total has doubled in three days, rising to 110.

Utrecht province has 109 patients, 22 more than Saturday, and Gelderland has 100, an increase of 24 patients. Noord-Holland had 90, the RIVM said.

The two cities with the most residents testing positive for coronavirus remained Breda, with 71, and Tilburg, with 68. There were no new cases reported in the latter, but Breda had seven more positive tests than a day earlier. Both cities are in Noord-Brabant.

The city of Utrecht saw in increase of eight, bringing its total to 38, one more than in Sittard-Geleen, Limburg. The two Noord-Brabant municipalities of Meierijstad and Uden had 35 and 34 residents who tested positive.

Amsterdam added no more cases to its total, after a significant increase in the past few days. Amsterdam and Rotterdam followed Uden, with 31 and 25 infected residents.

Eight new patients were discovered in Eindhoven, bringing that city's total to 21, tied with Maastricht, which added five to its tally.

The statistics provided by RIVM were based on the most recent addresses of patients who tested positive. It was still working to confirm the hometown's of 58 patients when it released its data on Sunday.

Coronavirus cases in the Netherlands by Province

  1. Noord-Brabant, 446
  2. Limburg, 129
  3. Zuid-Holland, 110
  4. Utrecht, 109
  5. Gelderland, 100
  6. Noord-Holland, 90
  7. Overijssel, 28
  8. Flevoland, 19
  9. Drenthe, 15
  10. Zeeland, 12
  11. Friesland, 10
  12. Groningen, 9

Coronavirus cases in the Netherlands by Municipality

  1. Breda, Noord-Brabant: 71
  2. Tilburg, Noord-Brabant: 68
  3. Utrecht, Utrecht: 38
  4. Sittard-Geleen, Limburg: 37
  5. Meierijstad, Noord-Brabant: 34
  6. Uden, Noord-Brabant: 33
  7. Amsterdam, Noord-Holland: 31
  8. Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland: 25
  9. Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant: 21
  10. Maastricht, Limburg: 21
  11. Helmond, Noord-Brabant: 17
  12. Bernheze, Noord-Brabant: 16
  13. Gemert-Bakel, Noord-Brabant: 16
  14. Peel en Maas, Limburg: 14
  15. Den Bosch, Noord-Brabant: 14