Amsterdam coronavirus patient tally increasing quickly; 44% of cases in Noord-Brabant

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There was a significant increase in emergent coronavirus cases in the cities of Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, and both Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen in Limburg. Exactly 200 municipalities of 355 had at least one resident who has been diagnosed with the Covid-19 variant of the virus. The 959 patients in the Netherlands, including 12 who later died, resided in cities spread across every province in the Netherlands.

In Amsterdam there were 31 reported cases according to records, surpassing Utrecht (30) and Rotterdam (24), according to figures released on Saturday by public health agency RIVM. That was an increase of 11 from the previous day. The Dutch capital was home to 23 more patients since Wednesday alone, the statistics showed.

Sittard-Geleen also demonstrated a rise of 12 cases on Saturday to 35. The number of cases there jumped from 7 a week ago. Just 20 kilometers away in Maastricht, figures rose from 4 a week ago to 10 on Friday, and 16 on Saturday

By far the two cities that had the most patients being treated for the virus are Tilburg, with 68, and Breda with 64. The two cities were among nine in Noord-Brabant on a list of the 15 municipalities with the most cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands, based on the residential data of 922 patients released by RIVM.

Noord-Brabant has nearly four times as many cases as any other province

Unsurprisingly, Noord-Brabant was still home to the highest percentage of patients in the Netherlands, and again had the highest daily increase of anywhere in the country. With 403 people there testing positive, roughly 44 percent of patients where their hometown was reported, it far surpassed the tally in the other 11 provinces.

While the southern province had another 43 reports of new positive tests there on Saturday, Limburg also saw a sharp rise in cases because of the statistics from Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen. Some 104 patients reside in Limburg, an increase of 37 from Friday's official figures.

There were 95 patients currently residing in Zuid-Holland, 87 in Utrecht, 83 in Noord-Holland, and 76 in Gelderland. The remaining provinces had far fewer cases, including 23 in Overijssel, 15 in Drenthe, 14 in Flevoland, 10 in Zeeland, and eight in Friesland.

Groningen reported four cases yesterday, and its branch of municipal health service GGD said there were a few more people diagnosed on Saturday. Residents in the province had expressed concern over the hundreds of University of Groningen students who defied advice and traveled to Northern Italy for a ski holiday.

They returned to the Netherlands about a week ago.​

Cases of Coronavirus by Province

  1. Noord-Brabant: 403
  2. Limburg: 104
  3. Zuid-Holland: 95
  4. Utrecht: 87
  5. Noord-Holland: 83
  6. Gelderland: 76
  7. Overijssel: 23
  8. Drenthe: 15
  9. Flevoland: 14
  10. Zeeland: 10
  11. Friesland: 8
  12. Groningen: 4

Cases of Coronavirus by Municipality

  1. Tilburg: 68
  2. Breda: 64
  3. Sittard-Geleen: 35
  4. Amsterdam: 31
  5. Meierijstad: 30
  6. Utrecht: 30
  7. Uden: 28
  8. Rotterdam: 24
  9. Helmond: 17
  10. Maastricht: 16
  11. Bernheze: 15
  12. s-Hertogenbosch: 14
  13. Gemert-Bakel: 13
  14. Eindhoven: 13
  15. Houten: 13
  16. Boekel: 12
  17. Coevorden: 11
  18. De Bilt: 11
  19. Peel en Maas: 10