Stalker could face 20 years for teen girl's murder at Rotterdam school

The Public Prosecution Service demanded 20 years in prison and institutionalized psychiatric treatment against Bekir E. for the murder of 16-year-old Humeyra. The teenage girl was shot dead at her school in Rotterdam West on December 18th. She reported to the police that E. was stalking her multiple times. He confessed to shooting her.

The Public Prosecutor believes that there is enough evidence to prove that the 32-year-old man had a premeditated plan to kill Humeyra, with whom he had a brief relationship. The Prosecutor called on the court to convict him of murder. 

A witness saw E. pointing the gun at Humeyra's head and pulling the trigger, something confirmed by surveillance camera footage. In a telephone conversation with his brother, E. spoke of "an execution". A few minutes after he killed the girl, E. called emergency number 112 and said: "She lied to me about her age. She shouldn't have fucked with me", according to the Prosecutor.

In court on Thursday, E. claimed that he hadn't planned to kill Humeyra so her death was manslaughter, not murder. He also claimed that he had no plans of kidnapping the girl. On the day of her death, E. was driving around with a friend near Humeyra's school, he said. When he saw her, he wanted to asked her about the police reports she filed against him. The girl ran away when she saw him and E. gave chase, threatening to kill her. "Those were empty threats", he said, adding that he was under the influence of heroin and alcohol.

"I wanted to stop her running by shooting at her legs", E. claimed. Humeyra was shot in her body and her head. She was hit by six bullets. 

The Pieter Baan Center examined E. and advised that he be imposed institutionalized psychiatric treatment. According to the psychologists who examined him, E. has a serious personality disorder. They describe him as less gifted and someone who has difficulty interacting with others. His conscience is not well developed and he tends to respond impulsively and aggressively, they concluded. 

A 26-year-old second suspect was also arrested in connection with Humeyra's murder. According to the Public Prosecutor, there is not enough evidence to prove this man's complicity. He was released from pre-trial custody in June. 

Earlier this week, Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb apologized for how Humeyra's stalking reports were mishandled.