Justice Ministers push mandatory prison for violence against first responders

In the near future, violence against a police officer or other first responders will always be punished with a prison sentence. Ministers Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security and Sander Dekker for Legal Protection will submit a bill on Monday that prohibits punishing this crime with community service or a fine..

Currently only perpetrators of serious violence and sex crimes are always punished with prison, and never with community service. 

"Violence against police officers and first responders is unacceptable. They maintain order, act under dangerous conditions, and provide assistance to people in need", the Ministers said in a statement. "They often assist people who are in acutely life-threatening situations. The violence must bet tackled firmly and community service does not fit with that."

In September police union ACP called for mandatory prison sentences for violence against first responders, after multiple cops were injured in two separate incidents in Rotterdam. The Justice Ministers are submitting the bill to achieve this on the first working day since cops were attacked in Doetinchem and Roosendaal over the weekend.