Amsterdam could launch disarmament campaign later this year

Police forensics at Derk Wiersum shooting scene
A police forensic investigator searches for evidence after the shooting death of attorney Derk Wiersum in Amsterdam. Sept. 18, 2019Image: Politie Amsterdam

The Amsterdam city council will launch a campaign against the possession of weapons in the city by the end of this year. The campaign 'Amsterdam disarmed' will start in Zuidoost, and then be extended to other parts of the city, the city council announced during a meeting in Zuidoost on Thursday, Het Parool reports.

The goal of the campaign is to decrease armed violence in Amsterdam. Between 15 and 25 people have been murdered in the capital per year over the past decade. Amsterdam Zuidoost in particular was the scene of many violent incidents this year.

City residents who own stabbing weapons or knuckle dusters will be able to leave them anonymously in barrels located throughout Amsterdam Zuidoost. Firearms can also be handed in, but they will be registered and the police will investigate whether they were used in crimes in the past.