Dutch YouTube duo fined $4,500 for trespassing at Area 51

Govert Sweep and Ties Granzier
Govert Sweep and Ties Granzier, arrested together at Area 51 in Nevada. Sept. 10, 2019Photo: Nye County Sherrif's Office/Facebook

Dutch YouTubers Ties Granzier and Govert Sweep were sentenced to three days in jail and each fined 2,280 dollars for trespassing at American military base Area 51. They also have to stay away from Area 51 for a year, or they face one year in prison. Both pled guilty in the trial against them, a spokesperson for the local court of Beatty confirmed to NU.nl.

The two Dutch men were arrested at Area 51 last week Tuesday. According to the local police, the duo had a drone, cameras and laptops on them and deliberately ignored the 'no trespassing' signs. The police said that they recorded footage on the Area 51 site - a test location for the United States air force, where popular conspiracy theories say the American authorities experiment on aliens.

Granzier and Sweep were charged with deliberately entering forbidden terrain and deliberately parking their vehicle illegally. During the trial, the duo said that it was "not their intention" to enter Area 51.

If Sweep and Granzier pay their fines, they will be released at 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, local time. If they don't, they'll have to spend another week in jail, according to the court spokesperson. Their equipment seized during their arrest remain in the possession of the US court.