Dutch YouTube duo released after Area 51 arrest; We did nothing wrong, one says

Govert Sweep and Ties Granzier
Govert Sweep and Ties Granzier, arrested together at Area 51 in Nevada. Sept. 10, 2019Photo: Nye County Sherrif's Office/Facebook

Govert Sweep and Ties Granzier, two Dutch YouTubers arrested for trespassing at Area 51 in the United States on Tuesday, were released on bail on Thursday morning. Their bail was set at 500 dollars. Sweep is happy to be free again, he said to Omroep Brabant. According to him, what they did "wasn't bad or wrong at all".

"We wanted to make a nice journalistic video about something that is currently going on", Sweep said to the broadcaster by phone. "Many people are talking about the Area 51 hassle." He likely referred to a Facebook event calling people to storm the American air force test location, where popular conspiracy theories say the American authorities are experimenting on aliens.

The two managed to drive their car a few kilometers into the Nevada site before they were arrested. According to the American police, they deliberately ignored the 'no trespassing' signs.

"We are happy that we were able to buy our freedom for 500 dollars. But on the other hand there is of course the lawsuit coming on Monday", Sweep said to Omroep Brabant. "So until that moment it is still stressful for us, here in America. But we have a lawyer, so we are going to make sure it will be all right. That lawyer, here in Las Vegas, is a very good one. He does have an understanding of things."

 Spending the night in jail was a new experience for him, Sweep said. "Until now I have hardly ever encountered the police. This was something else." 


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