Cop fires warning shots after being assaulted during traffic check

A police officer fired two warning shots in Klimmen, Limburg after being assaulted by two men during a traffic check on Wednesday night. One of the two suspects were arrested. The other is still at large, but his identity is known, the police said in a statement.

The motorcycle cop wanted to pull over a vehicle in Heerlen at around 10:00 p.m. due to dangerous driving behavior. The car sped away, and the cop gave chase. 

The police officer finally managed to get the car to pull over on Retersbekerweg in Klimmen. The two men in the car were immediately aggressive towards the officer, according to the police. The driver fled on foot, but when the officer arrested the passenger, the driver came back and attacked the officer. There was a scuffle, during which the officer sustained minor injuries. He fired two warning shots to put an end to the fight.

The passenger, a 53-year-old man from Klimmen, was arrested. The driver fled on foot and is still at large. The police know his identity.

The injured police officer was treated in hospital.

Earlier this week the police announced that there's been over 5,100 violent incidents against police officers in the Netherlands so far this year. Over the weekend, a total of four cops were injured in two incidents in Rotterdam. National Police Chief Erik Akerboom said he is just as frustrated by the increasing violence against his people as the police officers themselves. He called on the government to equip police officers with tasers.