Amsterdam man shot dead on Curacao

A man from Amsterdam was shot and killed in Willemstad on Curacao on Monday. Het Parool identifies the victim as Amsterdam criminal Genciel 'Genna' Feller. The 23-year-old man was in hiding on Curacao after another attempt on his life in Almere last month, according to the newspaper.

Feller was sitting in a white Hyundai parked in Willemtad when two persons opened fire on him, according to surveillance camera footage shared by local media. The shooting happened at around 10:00 a.m. local time, across the street from a supermarket and restaurant. 

According to Het Parool, Feller was injured in a shooting at a home on Dokkumlaan in Almere during the early hours of August 4th. The shooting happened at his girlfriend's home. The mayor of Almere issued a restraining order against him, banning him from going to his girlfriend's home, and the man went into hiding on Curacao.

On May 18th, Feller was one of multiple suspects arrested in the murder of 24-year-old Orpheo Gefferie from Almere. The man was gunned down in parking garage The Bank on Amstelsraat in Amsterdam. Feller was released from custody a short time later after investigation showed that he did not shoot Gefferie. The police believe Feller's friend Erxinio Luntungan was the gunman. He is still at large and the police had him placed on international wanted lists. 

According to Het Parool, there are rumors in the Amsterdam criminal world that Feller and others from Amsterdam Zuidoost stole hundreds of kilograms of cocaine from a criminal for whom they had to store the drugs. Feller suddenly had a lot of money to spend, according ot the rumors. 

Lawyer Bart Hartman told the paper he was startled by his client's killing. "If someone is shot twice and dies in the second attack, an image will naturally arise", he said to the newspaper. "I know which criminal circuit he found himself in, but he was also a boy with a lot of feelings. I liked him and his death affects me. If he had grown up in another neighborhood, he might not have made the wrong decisions. 

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