Extra security around Wageningen University after attacks on women

There will be extra surveillance and security at student complexes in Wageningen after attacks on three young women in the area over the past week and a half. Student associations are also calling on their members not to go out alone at night, Omroep Gelderland reports.

On Saturday night a 22-year-old student was attacked near a large student complex between Marijkeweg and Haarweg. Three men threatened her with a weapon, but she managed to get away with only minor injuries. A week earlier, a 21-year-old woman was mugged at the same location. And on Wednesday night another woman was attacked by a man in a balaclava near the Wageningen University campus. 

The university called these attacks worrying. "In two of the three cases it seems to be emphatically aimed at students", a university spokesperson said to the broadcaster. "But let's hope for coincidence."

The security service that guards university buildings in Wageningen will provide extra surveillance in the area for the time being. Guards at the residential complexes will also do extra patrols, room rental company Idealis said to the broadcaster.

The student associations in the city also called on their members to be extra vigilant. "We warned our members via email and texts. We call on them not go out on the streets alone at night", Amber Laan, chairman of student association K.S.V. Sint Franciscus Xaverius said to the broadcaster. 


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