Amsterdam cabbie gets 3 years for dark web arms dealing

A 31-year-old taxi driver from Amsterdam was sentenced to 3 years in prison, one of which conditionally suspended, for dealing in drugs and firearms on the dark web. The sentence issued by the court of Rotterdam was one year shorter than what the Public Prosecutor demanded, Het Parool reports.

The court considered it proven that the man sold at least nine firearms, hundreds of ecstasy pills, over an ounce of cannabis and nearly 20 grams of cocaine on the dark web. 

The man worked under the alias Amsterdoomed. He was active on the dark web market place Alphabay, which the FBI shut down in 2017, according to the newspaper. The person behind the alias could not immediately be identified and the man was only traced and arrested after he was caught on another dark web market place late last year.

The man was a taxi driver in Amsterdam and was following a course to become a teacher in social studies. The court in Rotterdam denounced him for choosing a life of crime, despite having work, opportunities and studying to become a teacher.