Over 1,200 muggings in Amsterdam last year

A total of 1,289 muggings were registered in Amsterdam last year. In nearly 80 of these street robberies, the victim was robbed of their watch or jewelry. More than 300 phones were stolen, Het Parool reports based on answers given to questions from VVD and PvdA city councilors. 

The muggings often happen on or around routes to entertainment areas, parks and train station. Over a quarter of last year's muggings happened in Amsterdam city center. The area around the Red Light District and Dam Square was most often targeted by muggers.

The police recently arrested multiple suspected muggers and recovered a number of watches. The number of muggins decreased after these arrests, the police said according to Het Parool. According to the police, the perpetrators use different tactics to steal their loot. These range from distracting the victim with a trick or a high five to violence. 

The police are actively tackling muggers in various ways. One such included a police officer in civilian clothing hanging out on the street with an expensive "bait watch" Several suspects were arrested after trying to mug the cop. There is also extra surveillance in the Zuid and Centrum districts.