Hot week starts with temps up to 33°C

Summer fun - kids cooling down with a sprinkler
Summer fun - kids cooling down with a sprinklerPhoto: geoffgoldswain/DepositPhotos

Tuesday will be sunny and hot with temperatures rising to tropical heights. The sun will shine all day Tuesday. And afternoon temperatures will range between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius, according to Weerplaza.

A light to moderate wind from the south will not do much for cooling down. The coast will be somewhat cooler than inland, due to colder sea winds. 

Wednesday and Thursday will also be very sunny and hot. Temperatures may even climb to 40 degrees in some places in the south of the country on Thursday. 

Whether this streak of hot weather will turn into an actual heatwave, is not yet clear. For a heatwave, there must be five consecutive days with temperatures above 25 degrees, including three days with temps over 30 degrees. 


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