No Salafism, but financial mismanagement at Amsterdam school: report

The school management of the Cornelius Haga Lyceum in Amsterdam is guilty of "maladministration, conflicts of interest, and self-enrichment", but there are no indications that "some of the lessons have a Salafist character", NRC reports based on an unpublished draft report from the Education Inspectorate. 

The Inspectorate started investigating the Islamic school in Amsterdam after the AIVD warned that there were anti-democratic tendencies at the school. The Inspectorate concluded that the school does not encourage intolerance, and also does not impede integration into society.

There are, however, other problems at the school, especially when it comes to financial management. The Inspectorate thinks that without intervention, the Cornelius Haga Lyceum will face financial difficulties within two years. The Inspectorate therefore gave the high school 13 restoration measures to implement in order to remain open. One of these measures is the repayment of more than 170 thousand euros in unlawful expenditures, according to the newspaper. 


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