Third of Amsterdam school's budget went to director, family members: report

Almost a third of the controversial Amsterdam secondary school Cornelius Haga Lyceum's budget for 2018 went to the school's director Soner Atasoy and two of his family members who also work at the school, NRC reports based on a confidential report from the general intelligence and security service AIVD. 

The Education Inspectorate previously established that the director's salary was above the statutory salary standard for school managers. According to NRC, the AIVD now said that Soner Aasoy, his brother Son Tekin and his sister-in-law received almost a third of the school's budget last year. 

Atasoy confirmed to NRC that he exceeded the legal standard in 2018 and said that he will repay the overpaid money from this year. 

The Cornelius Haga Lyceum, an Islamic high school in Amsterdam, got discredited earlier this year when the national coordinator for counter terrorism and security NCTV reported that there is "anti-democratic" education at the school, and that school leaders had contacts with radical Salafists and a terrorist movement