Psych clinic to send daily reports after prisoner's escape

The Fivoor clinic in Den Dolder, from where dangerous psychiatric prisoner Peter M. escaped on Saturday, agreed with Minister Sander Dekker for Legal Protection that it will send in daily reports about everything that happened at the clinic for the next three months. The forensic psychiatric clinic also promised to immediately report anything out of the order happening, the Ministry of Justice and Security, which covers Legal Protection, confirmed to AD. 

Peter M. is serving a sentence of institutionalized psychiatric treatment. He was convicted in 2017 for threatening to blow up a train station in Dordrecht and attacking someone on the street. He escaped from the clinic on Saturday during unsupervised leave. The man is psychotic and suffers from schizophrenia. He is dangerous without his medication, his family warned. M. was arrested again in Breda on Thursday. 

M. escaped from the same clinic where Michael P. resided when he allegedly abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered 25-year-old Anne Faber. That case from 2017 was notorious in the Netherlands, and led to new strict rules about the handling of prisoners in psychiatric facilities.

"We want to keep our finger on the pulse", a spokesperson for the Justice Ministry said to AD about the clinic. "It is important that we know what is going on.

M. was spotted at Breda train station at around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday. NS security staff arrested him and transferred him to the police, who sent him back to the Fivoor clinic in Den Dolder. The foundation that runs the forensic psychiatric clinic told broadcaster NOS that M.'s freedoms have been revoked and that he will likely be transferred to another clinic.

The man's family was very concerned after his escape, warning that he is extremely dangerous when he is not taking his medication. As M. usually focuses his aggression on his mother, the police gave her extra security, M.'s sister said on Pauw. The family was informed about his capture the moment the police confirmed his identity.



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