Holiday weekend to be relatively cool with a chance of thunderstorms

A cloudy day in Amsterdam
A cloudy day in AmsterdamPhoto: alxbaev/DepositPhotos

The coming holiday weekend will see very changeable weather in the Netherlands, according to Weeronline. Starting with a hot and stormy Friday, the weather will shift to cooler temperatures and a mix of sunshine and rain on Saturday and Sunday, and then back to thunderstorms on Monday, the weather service expects.

Thursday will be a brief reprieve to the thunderstorms that hit the Netherlands on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The forecast consists of a mix of clouds and sun, with the western half of the country getting more sunshine and the eastern half more clouds. Late afternoon there is a chance of some showers, especially in the south. Maximums will climb to 15 degrees in Den Helder, around 19 degrees in the Randstad, and 20 degrees in the east and southeast.

Friday will be a great deal hotter, with temperatures quickly climbing to 20 degrees in the morning. Cloud cover will increase during the course of the morning, and strong thunderstorms will hit the country from the southwest in the second half of the afternoon. Weeronline expects showers, hail and strong winds with gusts up to around 100 kilometers per hour. Before the storms hit, maximums will skyrocket to around 27 degrees.

Saturday will be turbulent with a fairly strong southwest wind inland, and a strong to stormy southwest wind along the coast. The day will be mostly cloudy, with occasional sun and some showers. There is a small chance of a thunderstorm, but it will not be a big one. Maximums will range from 16 degrees in the northwest to 19 degrees in the southeast. 

Pentecost Day on Sunday will be cloudy, but with the sun breaking through regularly. There is a chance of showers during the afternoon, especially in the south. Afternoon temperatures will range between 17 and 22 degrees. 

Whit Monday will be mostly cloudy with maximums between 18 and 22 degrees. The chance of thunderstorms is a lot bigger than the day before, especially inland, according to the weather service.