Woman, 21, arrested for threatening nationalist politician

Police equipment, including handcuffs, baton, and two-way radio, on a Dutch squad carphoto: twixx / DepositPhotos

On Monday the police arrested a 21-year-old woman from Nijmegen for involvement in threats made against FvD leader Thierry Baudet during an anti-racism demonstration in Amsterdam on Saturday. 

Over the weekend, videos filmed at the protest were posted online, showing a protester with a scarf over their face singing: "If you want to shoot Thierry, then say bang."

Multiple politicians responded outraged to the video. Prime Minister Mark Rutte called threats unacceptable, saying that all politicians must be able to perform their duties in safety and freedom. Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema said that while Amsterdam's freedom of demonstration is cherished, it must not be misused to intimidate others.

According to the police, the Nijmegen woman was arrested in the investigation into statements made at the demonstration "that could be experienced as threatening or inflammatory". Whether she is suspected of making the threatening statements, the police did not say.