Warmest February day ever measured in Netherlands

Monday February 25th is going down in the record books as both the warmest February day ever measured in the Netherlands, as well as the highest measured temperature in the meteorological winter. Monday therefore broke a monthly record as well as a seasonal record, Weerplaza reports.

On Monday the maximum temperature measured 18.3 degrees Celsius in De Bilt. The previous record dates from February 28th, 1959, when temperatures climbed to 17.3 degrees Celsius at the national weather station in De Bilt. 

Gilze-Rijen was the warmest place in the Netherlands on Monday with a maximum of 19.1 degrees, followed by Hoek van Holland with 18.3 degrees. Since temperature measurements started in the Netherlands in 1901, it's never been this warm on February 25th. 

According to the Weerplaza meteorologists, such high temperatures are rare for the end of February. The average temperatures for this time of year are between 6 and 8 degrees. 

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be unseasonably warm, with temperatures up to 19 degrees expected. Lower temperatures, with more clouds and a chance of rain, are predicted for the end of the week. 


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