Unseasonably warm temps ahead for Netherlands

A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018
A quiet, sunny Amsterdam Central Station, 26 Feb 2018Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

The coming days will be sunny and unseasonably warm in the Netherlands thanks to a high-pressure area, according to Weerplaza. Wednesday will be the warmest day this week, with maximums around 18 or 19 degrees Celsius. Some places may even get their first 'warm' day of the year at 20 degrees.

If thermometers climb to 20 degrees somewhere in the Netherlands on Wednesday, it will be the fist local warm day of the year. "That would be exceptionally early", according to Weerplaza. The first local warm day of the year is normally somewhere in the second half of March or early in April. Last year temperatures climbed to 20 degrees for the first time on April 7th. The earliest local warm day on Dutch records was on February 24th in 1990. 

The last local warm day in the Netherlands was on November 6th last year. If the first local warm day happens on Wednesday, there were only 113 days between warm days. That will be a record for the lowest number of days between the last 20 degrees in a year and the first 20 degrees in the next year. The current record stands at 134 days, between October 26th, 2013, and March 9th, 2014. 

From Thursday the wind will turn, coming from the west to northwest and bringing humid air into the country. The result is more clouds, but it will likely remain dry until the weekend, according to the Weerplaza meteorologists. Maximums will drop a a good number of degrees, though the days will still be fairly mild at around 11 degrees Celsius.