Ministry to implement new, temporary rules for Stint cargo bikes

One version of a Stint cargo vehicle made to carry multiple children. 12 April 2018.. (Tulp8 / Wikimedia Commons)

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will implement new, temporary rules for Stint electric cargo bikes next month. This will make clear to the manufacturers what adjustments need to be made for Stints to be allowed back on the road, RTL Nieuws reports.

The Stint was banned from Dutch roads in October after a fatal accident between a Stint and a train in Oss in September. A child minder was taking five children to school on a Stint when they were hit by a train at the rail crossing on Braakstraat. Four children were killed. The fifth child and child minder were seriously injured. The injured girl and two of the other young victims were sisters. Investigation by TNO in December showed that the vehicle is not safe

Among other things, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen will demand that the defects found by TNO be rectified before Stints are allowed back on the road. She also wants a distinction made between whether the vehicle can transport mail or children, according to the broadcaster. There will be random checks and extra supervision at manufacturers.

Permanent regulation for the vehicle category special mopeds, which includes the Stint, will be made later. The Minister first wants to await the results of a Dutch Safety Board investigation. Only then will it become clear whether Stint drivers will need to have a driver's license or will be obliged to wear a helmet.