Cops involved in 2015 fatal arrest still facing threats, lawyer says

Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez)Mitch Henriques (Picture: Facebook/Mitch Henriquez)

The two police officers convicted of involvement in the death in custody of Mitch Henriquez are still facing threats, their lawyer said during the first hearing on the appeal in this case. Because of these threats, the lawyer wants the officers to remain anonymous, while Henriquez's family wants their identity to be made known, Omroep West reports.

"We go after their family. Kill their children. Just shoot those cunt cops. Death penalty", are some of the threats the officers heard, the lawyer said. During the trial, the cops are referred to as DH01 and DH02. They sit behind a screen and their voices are distorted. 

When the officers were first tried last year, the court determined that they will remain anonymous. The Public Prosecutor said the same thing. Their names are protected for a reason. Whether the court of appeal will come to the same conclusion, is not yet known.

Henriquez's family want the names of the officers to be known to help in their grieving process. "Every Dutch person has the right to hold perpetrators liable, including my clients. But the relatives have no idea who they are dealing with", their lawyer Richard Korver previously said, according to NOS. 

Henriquez died in June 2015 after being arrested at the Night At the Park music festival in The Hague. Five officers were involved in overpowering the 42-year-old Aruban man. Two of the officers were prosecuted and convicted of assault resulting in death. They appealed early this year. They want to be acquitted.