Cops involved in Aruban man's chokehold death to remain anonymous: court

Mitch Henriquez
Mitch Henriquez. (Mitch Henriquez / Facebook)

The identities of the five police officers involved in the death in custody of 42-year-old , will not be disclosed to the Aruban man's relatives, the appeals court in The Hague ruled. This same request was also rejected by a court in March, reports.

Henriquez'sso that they can be called to testify in preparation for a civil lawsuit against the officers. The State worries that the officers' lives may be in danger if their names are released.

Henriquez d at The Hague music festival Night at the Park in the summer of 2015. An autopsy later determined that he died due to a, likely caused by a chokehold the police used on him. d in the arrest, for his death.

The trial against the two officers was delayed earlier this year, after another forensic report stated that Henriquez likely, and not a crushed larynx. This report was submitted by forensic doctor Kees Das,  of the police officers. In April the court ordered a into the Aruban man's death, as the two reports conclusion differ so significantly.