Remarkably cold weeks ahead for the Netherlands

Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018
Snowfall in Amsterdam Oost, 28 Feb 2018. (Photo: NL Times)

The Netherlands can prepare for a relatively long period of remarkably cold weather, according to Weerplaza weatherman Raymond Klaassen. In the course of next week the temperature will drop to an average that is lower than usual for this time of year, and that chilly period is expected to last until early December, he said to

"At the end of November temperatures are on average around 8 to 9 degrees", Klaassen said. "The temperature in the Netherlands will be 2 or 3 degrees below that in the coming weeks." The ambient temperatures may be even lower. "Especially if there is a strong east wind, you'll have to start dressing really warm in the morning. Light frost is a certainty."

There might even be some snowfall from the end of next week. "Nothing major", Klaassen said. "But certainly in the north it is not inconceivable that small showers or flakes will fall."

Before the cold weather starts, the Netherlands can look forward to a sunny and dry day on Saturday, when Sinterklaas makes his national arrival in Zaanstad. 

The approaching colder weather may be a relief for those worried that winter would never come to the Netherlands this year. These past weeks were marked by above average temperatures. Last week the record for the warmest November 6th in Dutch history was broken - the 13th heat record broken this year. This year also holds the record for the most warm days - with temps above 20 degrees - since temperature measurements started in 1901.