Another heat record broken: Most warm days ever measured in Netherlands

Temperatures climbed to 20.1 degrees in De Bilt on Sunday, making Sunday the 116th official warm day in the Netherlands this year. Maximum temperatures are expected to climb to 22 degrees in De Bilt on Monday, which means that the 116 warm days record from 2003 will be broken, Weeronline reports.

Up to and including Thursday, the record number of official warm days is expected to climb to 120, according to the weather service. An official warm day is when temperatures climb to over 20 degrees at the national weather station in De Bilt.

On Tuesday and Wednesday maximums are expected to climb to around 25 degrees in De Bilt, which means that the number of official summer days may increase to 56. The record for official summer days was already broken on August 21st, the 52nd summer day of the year. The old record dated from 2006, when there were 51 days with maximums above 25 degrees in De Bilt.