Cold but sunny weather expected for Sinterklaas arrival in Zaanstad

Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)

Good news for everyone going to see Sinterklaas make his national arrival in Zaanstad on Saturday. The weather is expected to be sunny and dry, though a strong and cold east wind means that a warm coat and scarf will be a good idea, Weeronline reports.

Saturday morning will start out foggy, but it should clear up by the time Sinterklaas arrives in Zaandijk at noon. Then it will be sunny "with just a few friendly clouds", according to the weather service. The maximum temperature will climb to around 9 degrees, but due to the wind it will feel around 5 degrees.

The rest of the country will also be sunny on Saturday with maximums ranging from 7 degrees in the northeast to 9 degrees in the southwest. Sunday will be a bit colder with maximums between 5 and 8 degrees, but a moderately strong east wind will make it feel just above freezing.